Musketeers galore!


I am beginning to have a fetish for the newest version of the BBC’s Musketeers. There is too much eye candy and good storytelling…   ah Sunday night have gotten sweeter

Plus I’ve really enjoyed the new show Atlantis which is filling in for Doctor Who and the ending of Merlin. Pythagoras is my favourite.

Well done BBC for a fabulous Autumn/Winter 2013 and a grand start to Spring 2014. Keep up the good work!


Where it begins…


This is my first time using wordpress and if I’m being honest the dashboard scares the living hell out of me. However, I am going to overcome that fear due to my addiction to Slash World.

Ah, I am already heading to that happy place…

Now, I am off to work out how to post to Slash World.

Wish me luck!